Summertime Fun!

Some things change and some never do.   One thing that has never changed: KIDS LOVE WATER SLIDES!    Our water slide season usually begins late in April or early in May and usually lasts through mid-September or until the weather cools off.   We add new items every year to keep the selection large and varied.   3 NEW water slides were added this year:  Lickity Split, 18′ Themed Water Slide, and Ninja H2O Obstacle Course.   All three have seen there share of action this summer. Inflatable Fun boasts the widest variety and the largest selection of water rides around.  Browse our “WATER RIDES” category and see for yourself.

It’s what the kids want to do on a hot summer day.  Don’t wait for a birthday or the weekend – let them slide all day on a Monday or Tuesday.   Invite their friends or have a neighborhood block party.   There’s enough fun for everyone!



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