This past weekend, Southern Illinois experienced an unusually windy, gusty, breezy day across the region.   It is days, just like we experienced on Saturday, Oct. 20th, where inflatable accidents can occur when extreme caution and safety are not mad a priority.    Several events that had been booked for weeks had to be cancelled or rescheduled due to the dangerous conditions we were experiencing in the mid-late afternoon.  While most customers understood the reasons for our decision, it is important to be mindful that WIND and INFLATABLES DO NOT MIX!    Inflatable Fun employees carry hand-held portable wind gauge indicators that give current and accurate wind readings.  When we see the wind is above 15mph – we shut down any event that is in progress and we certainly do not set up new events in these types of conditions.  We will ALWAYS put the safety of the customer FIRST.    Even if it means losing revenue.   Nothing is more important that keeping our safety record spotless.   We want your kids to have the best experience possible and for their party to be fun and memorable for the right reasons.   Thanks for helping us keep everyone safe out there!

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